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Why health insurance is a must for your kids.

In Ireland, we’re fortunate to have access to a public health system that covers our children when they get sick.

But what if the case is considered non-urgent? Could the waiting period have long term effects on your child’s development?

If so, would you be prepared to wait?

Take the case of one Hennelly Finance health insurance client who had insured their child since birth. Until age three, the child was tracking perfectly normally, when almost overnight he transformed from a vibrant, active little boy to a listless and at times seemingly bold child who appeared to ignore his parents’ requests.

He also sported another worrying symptom: blue, purplish lips first thing in the morning.

After a series of hospital visits and a sleep study consultants determined the boy had dangerously low oxygen saturation as a result of overly large tonsils and adenoids, which if left, could impact his cognitive function, brain development, motor skills and general quality of life. His condition had also resulted in significant hearing loss at a critical time in the boy’s speech and language development.

Consultants recommended an operation to remove the offending tissue and the insertion of grommets to drain the ears and restore hearing, and given the seriousness of the condition, deemed his case urgent.

To his parents’ dismay, even as a priority, their child would be expected to wait for up to six months on the public waiting list for surgery.

Thanks to their health insurance plan, the family was instead able to schedule surgery for their child in a private hospital within under three weeks. Not only was the child operated on and cared for swiftly, he was able to avoid any long term effects caused by his condition and hearing loss, on his speech and language, skills development and other functions.

For just €160 per child annually, you can face whatever childhood illness your family encounters with confidence and the peace of mind in knowing that your child can access the very best treatment. For further information about health insurance options for children contact your Hennelly Finance team member on 091 586 500.

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