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Get the full financial picture with our cash flow modelling service


The Hennelly Finance team is delighted to now offer cash flow modelling, an innovative new service designed to help you create a detailed picture of your current and forecasted financial situation.

As a result, you can access a visual model that profiles your assets, investments and income against your debts and expenses, projected using assumed rates of growth, income, inflation, and interest to predict the state of your finances to retirement and beyond.

Is cash flow modelling for me?

Anyone planning for retirement can benefit from this modelling and it should become a core component of your financial planning process and your annual financial review. The model takes into account any change in circumstances to show you how they might affect your finances in the long-term.

How does it work?

Cash flow modelling and forecasting provides a realistic picture of your current financial circumstances and gives you the opportunity to make informed decisions that bring you closer to your long-term financial goals.

As part of the process, we will discuss the level of risk you are comfortable with and use this to inform your model’s anticipated rates of growth. The system is only as effective as the accuracy of the data provided, so it is important you disclose your full financial situation and honest attitude to risk if you are to have a true reflection of your situation.

How can I benefit from cash flow modelling?

Cash flow modelling provides a range of benefits from having a visual description of your financial circumstances versus where you might be in the future. It is a robust tool for informing your financial decision making. It also provides the opportunity to review several different scenarios, and uncover any shortfalls that might hinder your ability to reach your financial goals.

Can cash flow modelling tell me if I have enough cover?

Not only can cash flow modelling and forecasting tell you if you have enough cover in the event of the unexpected, it can help you make decisions now and in the future about your investments and lifestyle goals. For example, modelling can determine whether you have enough cover in the event you could no longer work, or if you were diagnosed with a serious illness. It can help you understand whether you can retire early, and whether your current pension pot is enough to support the plans you have for your retirement. It can also provide clarity around your investment risk, whether you should sell a rental property and whether you can contribute to a deposit for a child’s first home.

Cash flow modelling takes the hard work out of decision making with insightful and informed projections based on your individual financial circumstances and risk profile. To find out more and take advantage of this progressive new service, get in touch with Hennelly Finance today on 091 586500 or email us at [email protected] 



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