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Cash Flow Modelling

Forecasting your financial future.

Financial clarity through comprehensive cash-flow modelling

At the heart of financial planning for clients is cash flow modelling. Cash flow modelling is the process of reflecting on your current financial position in respect to your preferred position, along with incomes and expenditures, to establish a detailed picture of your finances both now and in the future. A cash flow model is only as good as the information available and it must be kept updated with any changes to your circumstances. Whilst important to focus on financial planning based on current and expected circumstances, it is also invaluable to ascertain the impacts of unforeseen events and to address important financial dilemmas.

How does it work?

The first step is to collect information about your monthly income and outgoings, savings and other assets. Your financial planner will analyse this information along with your future goals and requirements, taking into account life events such as your retirement, one-off expenses like gifts to children, and even your death.

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What are the benefits of Cash Flow Modelling?

  • It gives a client a graphical picture of their financial future.
  • It gives a client context in which informed decisions can be made.
  • It can highlight retirement funding shortfalls.
  • It allows the client to map out different scenarios.
  • It is a vital tool in estate planning.
  • It can give peace of mind.

What sort of scenarios can we map out?

  • Do I have enough financial protection in place if suddenly I could no longer work?
  • Can I take early retirement?
  • Will my expected retirement income sustain my required levels of spending over the longer term?
  • Should I sell our investment property or keep the rental income coming in?
  • What effect will downsizing the family home have in later life?
  • Will we be able to afford a holiday home in later life?
  • What if you want to spend €20k per annum on holidays from the age of 60 to the age of 70, what effect will this have on your assets?
  • How much will I need if I want to make provisions for Long Term Care?
  • What is the potential inheritance tax bill for your estate?
  • Do I need this much investment risk on the table?
  • Can I help my children with a house purchase?

Who is Cash Flow Modelling for?

Cash flow modelling is an exercise that should be carried out by anybody who is putting a realistic retirement plan in place and should be at the heart of the advisor process. It is important to stress that cash flow modelling is not a process to be carried out once and then forgotten about. Cash flow modelling is a continuous exercise and is a core part of the half-yearly/yearly financial reviews that we carry out with clients. Your circumstances will change each year so this will need to be updated to ensure that we are working towards your goals. We find that clients' goals change over time and even small changes can make a big difference in the long run.

Want to find out more?

Contact us if you would like to find out more about cash flow modelling or to discuss your overall retirement planning and we can help implement a structure which suits your unique circumstances.

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